Saint Michel de Lanès : a departure point for the discovery of a millennial land

Millenial land To lose oneself in the depths of the French country side remains the privilege of romantics or hikers looking for a complete break off the beaten track. At Saint Michel de Lanes, you need only take a small path to the right of the cemetery and follow it in the evening breeze or in the fresh air of the morning. It will bring you to the top of 'the wind hills' to the end of the world or almost! 1 and a half km from Saint Michel de Lanes, on the road towards Belflou, another path also offers a wonderful escape through fields, woods and hillsides. On the road towards Gourvielle, at the exit towards Avignonet, a wonderful Tuscan landscape arrests the eye and intoxicates the imagination. Carrying on until the hamlet of Gourvielle, one discovers an oak wood and a peaceful valley a world almost lost... Without any physical effort and much organisation, the country-side of olden days is accessible round about Saint Michel de Lanes ; a pleasure it would be a pity to miss.